Spherical Approach Projects

Spherical Approach II

Catherine Galea, Des Telemachou & Decor A Thalia

Sphercal Approach I

A complete failure or a necessary stage?
Video Marketing Specialist

Des Telemachou

Des is an experienced video creator and filmmaker. We have worked together in a few projects (e.g. the video campaign for Go Digital Globally, the Social Media Campaign for Platanis Wines and Spirits..etc). While I was working with her, I realised that although she has a huge talent when it comes to producing video, she preferred to deal with the creative  part of her work and invested little attention and time to setting the foundation of her business right and to growing her business. 

Mindfulness Coach

Catherine Galea

Cathine Galea is an Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness teacher and also a modern busy woman (and a mum)..

We’ve met at Global Woman Club. She always felt that when it comes to marketing was something that she really needed help. She wanted also a brand image to truly represent her, her values and beliefs. 

Interior Planner Consultant

Decor A Thalia

Thalia is a talented painter that wanted to transform her passion and hobby in a real business. She believes that creative people that transform their passion in work they actually never work-:)